How review play important step in the book sales

In the literary word, review plays important role that will affect the sales of the book. Review is a separate form of literature.  There are people who have earned the name for the book reviews. As soon as the book hit stands, publishing company or the authors themselves will send the books to leading critics and magazines that do the reviews. They will go through the book from beginning to end and also will read some earlier book by the author and will mention about that also in their reviews. The book reviews will play a huge role in the success of the sales. If it gets good reviews from the leading critics and the magazines there are chances people will check out the book store to buy the book. At the same time, if it gets the negative reviews sales might go downhill. But with the negative review there are chances that people might want to check the book to know what is bad about that. So here it is positive in negative review.

Some time if the book centers on the controversial topic or controversial story there is high chance it will be getting lot of attention be it positive or negative. Apart from professional critics, there are others who will write review in their website or in social media networks. Regular book readers or vivid readers as they are called will buy the book and will go through the book and will write reviews. But it won’t be professionally written review. It will be mostly written based on what they feel and what they understand and won’t have any literary value attached to it. But do understand that the book reviews by social media persons might get lot of attention based on their friends circle and base they have. It also can affect the sales of the book. There are some leading personalities who are known for their professional reviews and have received accolades for the reviews they have done through their life. So the book sales will have impact based on how it gets reviews. Some time it’s good to have good working relationship with critics so that they won’t write much negative items about the book. NLP Training

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